Peppered with passion

Peppered with passion

Peppered with passion

As quirky as the name sounds, so are the three energy-packed youngsters who make the band, ‘Broken Membrane’.  The blend of Adhir’s heavy drumming, Bharath’s hard rock guitar riffs and Nakul's bluesy bass line are the perfect alternative rock musical strains anyone could ask for!

Extraordinary amount of hard work, peppered with madness, sheer amount of passion for music have brought them where they are today.

‘Broken Membrane’ is much-loved, be it at BITS Pilani, Goa, where they were the only band from the City to qualify for the event, or in cities like Pune, Pondicherry and Coorg, where they have toured for their shows.
It is no wonder that they were also placed second at the IIT-Kanpur Antaragni synchrocity Bangalore zonal and hope to go to Kanpur to win the final round. They have played close to 80 gigs and have performed at Kyra, Humming Tree, Garage Jam, Freedom Jam and a number of college fests.

“The best gig we have played is frankly very hard to choose but I think the best response we have got was for a gig in Pune. We were treated as celebrities and got a lot of encore. It was pretty hard for us to digest,” laughs Bharath. They also have a full length debut album, titled ‘A New Age’. “The recording sessions were indeed hectic because we finished the whole album tracking, mixing and mastering in three weeks,” says Bharath.

When asked how the name came up, Bharath says, “Adhir ripped apart five to six skins by going mad on his double bass while jamming. So before our very first gig, when we had to come up with a name, we decided on the name ‘Broken Membrane’.”

The trio currently are targeting more venues and cities but have a second album lined up which they are all kicked about.

“The process started few months back and we are taking our time and we’re not rushing it. Three songs are complete. This is going to be heavier, little more technical and certainly a big hit.”

However, success didn’t come easy as the band was riddled with challenges. “The big challenge, which many bands face, is from some of the organisers who promise payment and then bail out after the gig. It’s very wrong for the band because they have to do a lot of hard work,’ says Bharath.

He adds, “The music scene in Bangalore was great when we started. We used to play very regularly but soon, it started going downhill. Some venues were raided, and hence they closed down. The scope for rock music came down a bit. Even big international acts coming to India have decreased. Of late, there hasn’t been any rock show of that sort. Hopefully, it will pick up soon!”