Ambedkar Bhavan: Cost escalates as works limp

Ambedkar Bhavan: Cost escalates as works limp

Limping works on a project not only escalates the estimated cost, but also mars the very purpose.

 One classic example for this is the construction of the Ambedkar Bhavan in Mandya, which is under progress since four years.

Though years have passed, the construction could not be completed and the costs have escalated from the initial estimation. The bhavan being constructed near Shivananjappa Park, in Subhash Nagar, is facing problems right from the beginning. There was opposition for providing land in the heart of the city. But, Dalit leaders were successful in getting the land, after a series of protests.

The Nirmiti Kendra began the works at an estimated cost of Rs 2.75 crore, which rose to Rs 4.5 crore, due to the delay in executing it. The works were stalled after an official of Nirmiti Kendra was suspended, following complaints about irregularities.

The works were re-started after the Ambedkar Bhavan Horata Samiti exerted pressure on the then Deputy Commissioner B N Krishnaiah. Unfortunately, the works had to be suspended again following the announcement of elections. Shockingly, now, the cost has escalated to Rs 10.5 crore. It is mandatory to get an approval from the State government for works that are estimated to be above Rs 5 crore.

So, the authorities concerned have forwarded a proposal to the State government and are awaiting an approval. Meanwhile, the samiti has again started protests, demanding completion of works.

Samiti leaders said, the authorities had assured that the bhavan would be inaugurated during Ambedkar jayanti last year. 

Now, the authorities repeat the same assurance, of inaugurating the building during Ambedkar jayanti in 2015.