Unused objects get an arty persona

Unused objects get an arty persona

At the exhibition ‘The Shape Things Will Take’, artists have used unusual objects like laundry tags to express their thoughts.

This exhibition is a discou­rse between two artists spanning two different generations and their unique way of engaging with space and material – Valsan Koorma Kolleri and Puneet Kaushik.

Their unique thoughts behind their artworks is what makes the exhibition, The Shape Things Will Take, worth visiting.

Kolleri who is from Malabar has a Bachelor’s from the College of Art and Crafts, Madras and a Masters from MS University, Baroda, where he was also a faculty member in the Fine Arts Department. Kolleri has also participated in solo and group shows and lectured throughout India, Europe and the United States.

On the other hand, Kaushik, graduated in applied art, studied Studio Art from the University of California, Berkeley and has conducted a wide variety of art workshops in India, Paris, California, Singapore, Dubai, Japan and the most recent one being at Germany.

Talking to Metrolife, Kaushik, said, “My artworks have an emotional connect to it and are relevant in our daily lives. In one of my artworks I have used laundry tags. These tags signifies how one is tagged to something or the other in their lives. For example a child is always tagged to the parents.”

Kolleri’s works in copper wire, weave together lost and found objects giving them a different meaning and value altogether. Kaushik on the other hand, weaves in different materials to create an autobiographical work.

The common factor between the two is that they both share a passion for the material they engage with and rejoice in the process of recreating them. Curated by Prima Kurien, the exhibition is on till September 20 at Gallery Espace, 16, Community Center, New Friends Colony.