Letting their hair down

Letting their hair down

Letting their hair down

The department of journalism of MS Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce organised a rock show for charity recently. The students of the department worked extremely hard on the fest.

From getting the stage set to painting the banner, they dabbled in an array of things. They entertained the crowd by singing various songs along with the orchestra. The money collected from students will be donated to Mathrushree Manovikasa Kendra, an orphanage for special children.

The crowd, which enjoyed itself singing and dancing at the event, donated old clothes, money and books generously. Even the parents of the students donated for the cause. One of the highlights of the event was a song sung by the principal.

“This charity show was a wonderful idea that the department came up with. It gave us an opportunity to showcase our talent as well as do our bit to the society. I feel happy and proud that I worked for a good cause,” said Ajay Bhavasar, one of the singers.

“People have certain premonitions about a rock show. But this rock show was totally different. It was for a good cause and packed with an entertainment factor as well. I am happy it turned out to be a successful event. People voluntarily came up with enthusiasm and joined hands for the cause,” said Vasudha Murthy.

“I enjoyed being a volunteer. We had even designed personalised jerseys for the event. It was a big responsibility on us to manage the crowd,” said Sujana, a student.

“I learnt a lot from this event as it taught me how to work with a team,” she added.