Tiger's handicap

Life is not par for the course, as Tiger Woods would have realised by now. On golf course, you may be an ace player with many holes in one on your scorecard but trying to score too many aces in real life is fraught with danger.
On golf course while addressing the ball if it moves, the golfer is awarded one stroke penalty and look at what has happened in real life. The penalties keep multiplying by the hour and a scratch player like him is left scratching his head.  
For a champion like Tiger, landing up in rough when you are aiming for a birdie must be a rare thing but in real life, he must have now discovered that the area covered by the roughs is a lot lot more than all the greens put together in his entire playing career.

Bogeys may be rare for a player of his class but then life dishes out more bogeys than birdies that not only he but all the other golfers would have realised by now.
Shall I use 5 Iron or 3 may be a question to get out of a bunker. Ask a former soldier and I know that he will say that a bunker is the first thing that the enemy wants to strike. And this one is not dealing with one enemy but is under simultaneous attack from all flanks. Caddie on the golf course is full of advice and is a sort of bum chum but I have not seen one of them stand up for Tiger in real life.
 On the other hand, all the caddies are cancelling their contracts believing that there is not much brand value left in the one time icon.

While you can dog leg your way to the green, in real life dog legging is trying to escape responsibility which some times even the rich and famous cannot achieve.
A Goldie bounce is a matter of joy because the ball hits a tree and lands on the green but a Goldie bounce in life comes and hits on your nose and has you bleeding. Good lies and bad lies are equally spaced on a course but the landscape of the real world is full of bad lies.

A naughty friend of mine has this to say: Having scored innumerable holes in one, may be he thought that time had come to duplicate the same in real life but then... He left the sentence hanging in the air.

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