'I have had a lot of failures'

'I have had a lot of failures'

Raj Kund­ra, the busi­ness­man who is married to Bollywood actress Shilpa She­tty, spoke to Metrolife on the various controversies surrou­nding him and the joy of being a father.The latest controversy invo­l­ving him was when he tweeted that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan doesn’t earn as much as him.

 “It was misconstrued. Eve­ry time something is misconst­rued, I give a clarification on my website. Somebody asked me if I was keen on becoming an actor and I said first of all, when you have got so many superstars in the industry, why would you want a non-actor to act? Secondly, if you take the top ten businessmen and actors, it’s obvious that busine­ssmen earn a lot more. I wou­ld rather be into busine­ss,” he says.

“A controversy sells better,” he notes. On the disastrous pe­­­­r­formance of India in the recently-held Test series in En­­g­­land, he says, “What if Eng­­land had lost? It’s unfair to condemn the team just becau­se they have done badly this ti­me. They have done well so ma­ny times. It’s very easy to stone the houses of the cricke­t­ers when they do badly. But I don’t see anyone throwing gold coins at them when they do well. Unfortunately, being a cricketer is a thankless job and loss is never an easy thing.”

Raj is a doting daddy to his son Viaan. “Viaan is the best thing in my life. He takes up all our time. We cancel appoi­ntments and make sure we are at home with him. I think relationships change for bett­er when you have a baby,” he says with pride.

His father used to work as a bus conductor in the UK. So being a successful businessman didn’t come easy. “People have asked me to write another book about my journey. It’s an interesting journey. In fact, it has been a rollercoaster ride. Marrying a Bollywood celebrity was something that I least expected. Shilpa is a fantastic wife. But my journey on the whole has been so long that I don’t know which segment to start and end with,” exclaims Raj.

He further adds, “I have had a lot of failures and succe­ss. Every time I have failed, I have stood up and fought. The­­­­re is no way one can knock me out!”

Production may not be his cup of tea but it’s something his wife Shilpa Shetty enjoys. “She is producing an out-and-out comedy now. The script is ready and we will announce it soon,” adds Raj.

As he sums up, he says, “We always think positive and Shilpa has taught me to not fear anything. Whatever has to happen, will happen.”