Paramedic course in city turns quack into doctor

Paramedic course in city turns quack into doctor

Illegal doc carries fake certificate, seeks recognition

 Are you planning a career in medicine? Then you must have heard of the ‘popular’ one-year-long CMS and ED course for primary healthcare.

If you are still wondering what the acronyms stand for, those running the ‘Council of Paramedical Delhi’ will probably be able to help you out. 

In a bizarre incident, a quack came to the Delhi Medical Council on Tuesday, demanding he be allowed to practice medicine as he held a certificate from this so-called popular institute handing out degrees. 

The self-styled health worker claimed to have taken a course in Community Medical Service and Essential Drugs. 

The quack further claimed that the institute certified him to prescribe a set of medicines, which makes him eligible to freely give these “essential drugs” to patients, according to a source in the DMC. 

The list of essential drugs include sophisticated antibiotics, ointments and injections, which should strictly be prescribed by registered medical practitioners. 

“A quack demanded that be allowed to prescribe 56 essential drugs on the basis of the certificate handed out by the Council of Paramedical Delhi to treat minor ailments. The certificate mentions it is ISO certified and adheres to WHO guidelines,” said a member of the DMC, requesting anonymity. 

The quack practices medicine in Nangloi. The certificate of the institute does not mention any address from where it is run.

“This looks like a part of a bigger racket. No such institute is recognised by the Delhi government. The Delhi Medical Council and the Medical Council of India do not recognise such an institute either. It is shocking that the institute is being run in the capital, and illegal doctors are going free,” said Dr Anil Bansal, chairperson of the anti-quackery committee of the Delhi Medical Association. 

The DMC has passed a closure order of the illegal clinic. “Delhi Police and the government have been notified of the decision. The process to shut down the clinic has been initiated,” Dr Bansal said.

‘Will bust the racket’

“We are consulting investigation to bust the racket running such an institute,” he said.According to a DMC member, the quack was asked to shut down the clinic a few weeks ago. The quack appealed to the court, saying no investigation was conducted before passing the order. 

The matter was then referred to the DMC. When the council called the quack for the second time, he came demanding the Council of Paramedical Delhi degree makes him eligible to prescribe drugs.    

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