'I am dating myself'

'I am dating myself'

Nargis Fakhri feels that her sense of style has been suppressed since her surprise entry into Bollywood. The Rockstar actress was in the City recently and said that before getting into the film industry, she was a ‘punk chick’!

“I’m very relaxed. So I like my jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. And I’m from New York so I like my blacks. My entire wardrobe is black — you wouldn’t catch me in anything that’s cute or girly but having come to Bollywood and gotten a stylist has opened my eyes. It has made me a bit more feminine; I’m actually a bit punk,” she says.

“That part of me has been suppressed but I am hoping to bring it out somehow. I have worn denims and skull shirts for premiers but no one has commented on whether they are fabulous or not,” she adds.
Unlike the image she has, Fakhri says, “I like boyish looks and funky T-shirts, metals and spikes. When I’m not working, I’m usually in flats, denims and without make-up.”

About the recent rumours surrounding her and co-actor Varun Dhawan, she says, “What? No way. I have never heard this. There was a rumour that I was dancing with another actor all night long in a party when I hadn’t even seen that person. No offence, but people just write stuff. I have no idea. I am dating myself. I wish I was dating!”

Which veers the conversation to her idea of a perfect date. “I had this one great date in New York. He picked me up at my doorstep, took me to a rooftop bar and then we chatted with some friends. Later, he took me to a new Italian restaurant down in Soho and a Broadway show. We also went to a night club where we met some friends and then he dropped me back home. I keep that standard,” Fakhri says, adding, “Indian boys should learn to date properly. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but be creative. Get to know the person.”

She has recently finished shooting for her first Hollywood movie Spy. Does this mean she plans to move back to the US? “I plan to focus more on Bollywood because it has taken me so much time to adjust here. So I don’t want to give it away. I am liking it here and feel like I am getting better. I will do a few things there but I would like to stay here.”

The actress says that except for watching an occasional movie during the weekends, she wasn’t exposed to Bollywood when she was young.

“I didn’t have acting in mind — it was just an accident, fate if you want to call it that,” she says. “The journey has been tumultuous with its ups and downs. For me, it is more of a personal and spiritual journey. It has to do with connecting to my roots. And it’s also about learning to be alone in the world and making it on my own,” she sums up.