Cakes with a twist

Cakes with a twist

Cakes with a twist

Ms K Cupcakes is almost a replica of the Willy Wonka factory from Roald Dahl. The dessert outlet at Indiranagar is a kids’ paradise and a  get-together spot with red velvet, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, cakepops, birthday cakes and fondue-based cakes.

Ms K Cupcakes was started by Katherene, who wanted to ‘sweetly’ spread her talent to the City. “I started my bakery outlet sometime in November 2012 because I wasn’t good at anything else,” she laughs. “I used to bake for friends, birthdays, weddings and family functions and soon got requests to start this as a full-time venture. I was anyway terrible at engineering, which I was studying then, and started this full time and now I don’t want to go back.”

Her products range from customised cupcakes such as cakes of different football teams, cricket teams and music bands, theme-based cakes and festive or wedding cakes to attract customers. “The customers here actually go beyond age. Mostly, a lot of young couples come in and order cupcakes for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and such special occasions.”

Katherene says that one of the biggest highlights was baking for Comic Con. “We bake for Comic Con every year and have a variety of customers there. In the first Comic Con we did superhero cupcakes. Right now, we are baking cakes of characters from ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Despicable Me!’.

With the burgeoning baking stores around, what makes her store different is the fine finish. “The finish in our products is much neater than most other stores so it looks elegant. This is another reason why I our fondue-based cakes sell a lot.” Katherene marketed her store through Facebook and takes her employees by word of mouth.

“I am very particular about who I hire. Many North-Eastern girls are working with me who are very careful about presentation.” When asked her how she ventured into building up a successful baking outlet without any formal training, “YouTube university”, she chuckles. “The internet has opened out innovative venues for us to learn whatever we can so it’s very easy. This is good money and a great market.”

Katherene literally sleeps to work and wakes up to work, which blurs the line between her work and social life. “I am in my workshop all day. When I’m not working, I love taking holidays by myself or attending events and social gatherings to network for different clients.”
The store is located at 99, Near BDA Complex, Indiranagar.