Now, Ganesha idol with Modi in tow

Now, Ganesha idol with Modi in tow

Theme-based creations steal the show

Now, Ganesha idol with Modi in tow

A year ago, it was a depiction of Ganesha in the backdrop of Anna Bhagya scheme that drew the attention of many at a shop near Minerva Circle. 

This festive season, artists have chosen the presentation of national budget by Ganesha as the theme. 

Among Ganesha idols on either side of the road near Minerva Circle, the ‘Modi’ Ganesha stands apart. It’s a gigantic Ganesha idol writing the budget, with Prime minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee looking on. Crafted to perfection, the idols thematically represent the budget presentation done after the new government assumed office.  Shop owner Srinivas said that while the idol of the prime minister was five and a half feet tall, the president’s was shorter by three inches. The Ganesha idol is nine feet tall. He said he invested Rs 40,000 in putting the idea together. 

“I must say it took us 15 days of hard work and dedication to design the entire thing,” Srinivas said. “But it’s not for sale.” 

‘Spiderman’ Ganesha are attracting children. 

‘Flower prices unchanged’ 

This festive season, prices of flowers have not shot up considerably, flower vendors said. K R Market Flower Merchants’ Association president G M Diwakar said that the rate of the flowers, except for jasmine, had not increased steeply this time. “A few days ago, a kilo of jasmine flowers would cost Rs 300, now it’s 400. The prices of Kanakambara, Sevanthi, rose have remained unchanged.”