Cop rapes woman at police station

Cop rapes woman at police station

A police officer entrusted with the responsibility of investigating a case of elopement of two lovers allegedly raped the girl on police station premises in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur district, about 300 kilometres from the state capital.

Inspector Mahendra Yadav, posted at Laliya police station, took the girl to his home inside the police station, and raped her after threatening her that he would lodge her lover in jail.

According to the report, the victim had eloped with her lover a few days back. Her parents had alleged that she was a minor and lured by the youth.

They then lodged a report with police. The report was lodged with Laliya police station and Yadav was made the investigating officer.

The girl, on coming to know about the registration of the case, went to the police station with her lover last week and informed the policemen that they were adults who had married and were living as husband and wife.

Yadav, according to the reports, asked the couple to stay at the police station for the night on the pretext of conducting their interrogation.

He later forced the girl to accompany him to his house where he allegedly raped her. Yadav threatened the girl that he would put her lover in jail if she informed anyone about it.

The girl, who initially kept mum, narrated it to her husband on Wednesday and they then approached senior policemen with their complaint. Her statement was also recorded before a magistrate.

Yadav was suspended and a case registered against him. He is absconding.Earlier also incidents of rapes have taken place inside UP police stations.