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Tele buzz

Empathy in wild

Join Bruce Parry on a journey from the Amazon’s source deep in the Peruvian Andes to its vast mouth on Brazil’s Atlantic Coast. Travelling over 10,000 miles by foot, light aircraft and boat, Bruce stays with the tribes that live silently beneath the rainforest canopy. Immersing himself in their lives, he reveals how they are affected by the changing world around them. This series is also the story of people who live and work there. Catch Amazon with Bruce Parry today at 9 pm, on Discovery Channel. 

Best bakes

Sugar Stars features business partners Elle, Caspar, Yolanda and Antonella busily creating theme-based attractive cakes and goodies for big events in town. The creative recipes include a collection of edible lipsticks and compacts for the launch of a cosmetic line, cake for an Italian gala that looks exactly like an overflowing pot of pasta etc. Demanding clients, tight timelines and topsy-turvy cakes are ingredients of the show Sugar Stars, featuring on Fox Life, weekdays at 10 pm.

Sonic tribute

Here is your chance to relive and rediscover the magic of classical songs through modern lens. This time, as a musical tribute to the city of Mumbai and its traditional Marathi culture, Naresh and Paresh of Hipnotribe choose to reverse the classic Lavani item song Mungda Mungda from the 1977 film Inkaar.

The English music documentary Soundtrek (Season 2) Hipnotribe — Mungda Mungda airs on September 1 at 10 pm, on Fox Life.