The path to righteousness

The path to righteousness

The infinite assumes a finite aspect to restore the path to righteousness from time to time. This is not easy grasp to one who is endowed with name and form. 

It is difficult for them to understand how the Almighty who is without name and form can assume the form of a living human being. Lower beings are unable to grasp His presence while higher beings bow their heads in worship of Him.

One of the most important stanzas of the sacred Gita reads as follows: “Whoever offers Me a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, with devotion – that gift of a person of controlled self, offered with devotion, I accept/ Whatever you do, sacrifice or give, whatever austerities you perform, O son of Kunti, surrender that as an offering unto Me/Thus you will be freed from the bondages of action whose fruits are beautiful or ugly; yourself, united in the yoga of renunciation, liberated, will reach Me.” The Lord accepts any offering that is given to Him with genuine devotion. He that is devoted to Brahman reaches Brahman. 

Even the most sinful criminal, if he surrenders his ego to the Lord and subjects himself to His service, will be protected and rescued by the Lord.

Those who in their past lives have led a life seeking the Lord are reborn within families that are conducive to pursue the path of enlightenment. No effort is ever wasted.  This is particularly true of spiritual practice. Even a few minutes of spiritual practice every day will yield some positive outcome in the future.

Spiritual aspirants need to endeavour to reach a meditative state, a state where the mind is firmly anchored upon Brahman; such a mind is speedily purified and enabled to reach a state of equipoise. Firm conviction, discipline and one-pointedness are required.

As Swami Rama points out: “A consistent method of meditation, contemplation and prayer along with devotion to none else but the Lord helps one to attain this state. Such an aspirant sacrifices all the fruits of his actions to the Lord alone. 

His mind, action and speech are fully dedicated to the Lord. His aim of life is the attainment of the Lord. Such yogis are liberated. They attain the highest perfection and become one with the highest.”

The manifestations of the Supreme Being are without limitation. There is nothing in this universe, be they qualities, attributes or states of mind that do not originate from Him. Every aspect of creation is permeated with His presence. He is that without which all this would not be possible. 

The seeker who is able to recognise the Almighty is all aspects of creation is united with Him.