Deadline for enforcing COTPA

Deadline for enforcing COTPA

The government has set a 15-day deadline for putting up “No smoking” boards at all public places. The owners of the place or  organisers of the events have to follow the guidelines and put up the boards as per the COTPA Act failing which they face action under the law.

 The board shall be of minimum size of 60 cm x 30 cm with white background and shall contain a circle of no less than 15 cm outer diameter with a red perimeter of no less than three cm wide having the picture of a cigarette or a beedi at the centre, crossed by a red band.

The width of the red band across the cigarette should be equal to the width of the red perimeter. The board shall contain the warning “No Smoking Area- Smoking Here is an Offence”, in English or one Indian language, as applicable according to the Act. 

It must be displayed at each entrance of the public place and a conspicuous place(s) inside the building. If there are more than one entrance, the board should be displayed at all entrances and exits.

In a multi-storey building, the board should be put at each floor, stair case and at the entrance to the lift in each floor. The name and designation of the officer to be contacted in case of violation should also be displayed. For details, call 18001 10456.