A bridge too far :The bane of Yeshwantpur

A bridge too far :The bane of Yeshwantpur

Hundreds of commuters are pinning their hopes on the early completion of the Namma Metro Phase 1 to get seamless connectivity across the city. They expect smooth transfers to BMTC buses and the railways.

However, hundreds suffer due to poor cooperation and misplaced priorities of various agencies.

For instance, the Yeshwanthpura railway station that handles the city’s second highest rail traffic of almost 90-100 trains suffers from the apathy of both the Railways and BMRCL officials.

While both the stations are in close proximity to each other, passengers alighting various trains at Yeshwanthpura are not even aware that the Metro station is just a stone’s throw away. There is not even a single signboard to inform the passengers.

The biggest inconveniences is the lack of connectivity between the two stations from either side. A long standing proposal to build a foot overbridge on the lines of the Baiyappanahalli bridge is caught in bureaucratic red tape.

Consequently, passengers with heavy luggage have to get out from the Railway station, cross the busy road and then climb the stairs again to catch a metro train.

While the railway officials say that they have no objection if Metro builds a skywalk or a footbridge, BMRCL has an issue: Due to low ridership on the Metro stretch between Swastik and Peenya, the skywalk, even if constructed, will be not much of a use until the Metro connects all the stations on Phase I.

Here’s what Suresh Kumar, who frequently boards his train from Yeshwanthpura has to say: “It is very difficult for the passengers to walk with their luggage and cross the road to reach the Metro Station, especially when you are traveling with the elderly and children. A bridge connecting the two will make it a lot easier for people to just walk across, catch a Metro and head to other parts of the city conveniently.”

Transport analyst

Proper integration between Yeshwantpur Metro station, Yeshwantpur railway station, BMTC buses and vehicle parking can create a multi-modal transport hub at this place with proper sky walking and integrated ticket system facility.

Resident, Baiyyappanahalli

I use the Baiyappanahalli railway station to catch a train every week to BEML Nagar in KGF. All passenger trains stop here, but the Express ones don’t. The new bridge linking the station to the Metro terminal is useful, but very steep to climb.

Resident, Kadugodi

The new bridge at the Baiyappanahalli railway station is very useful indeed. Once it opens fully, passengers wouldn’t have to take a roundabout route to the Metro. But an escalator is required to help children and senior citizens climb the bridge.

Resident, Banashankari

Connectivity between different modes of  transport, including Metro, BMTC and
Railways is very critical. Commuter convenience and safety should be considered while planning Metro stations, bus stands, skywalks and bridges.

IT manager, JP Nagar

It is crucial to provide space for vehicle parking and bus bays at all  Metro stations. Forget BMTC buses, there is no space even for two-wheelers at many
stations today. Once Metro starts running at full capacity, challenges will increase.