Sariska welcomes two new tiger cubs

Sariska welcomes two new tiger cubs

Big cats population reach 74 in R'than

A tiger was seen with her two cubs in Sariska Tiger Reserve on Friday, bringing much joy to wildlife enthusiasts and tiger lovers across the nation.

The total count of tigers in Sariska has now reached 13, including four cubs.  On July 20, another tiger was spotted with her two cubs in the reserve. Forest officials said the latest tiger was seen in a camera in Bijapur area of Sariska forest, which is the most ideal habitat in the forest.

“We were sure that ST-10 (the tiger) has given birth to two cubs, but we were waiting for the cubs to be caught on trap cameras. On Friday evening, the two cubs along with ST-10 were seen,” a senior official of the wildlife department said.

Officials said more cubs can be spotted in Sariska, and they are sure another tiger has given birth to cubs.But they are waiting for the cubs to be caught in trap cameras.
All the tigers in Sariska were wiped out by poachers by 2005.

In 2008, a few tigers were shifted from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Since then, the families of big cats is on a constant rise in Sariska. 

A few months ago, the tigress ST-2 was spotted along with a cub by a forest guard in Panidhal-Raika area of the park.

Only tigress

The ST-2 is the only tigress that has given the birth to cubs twice. With the inclusion of two new cubs, the total number of tigers in Sariska has reached 13, while the total tally of tigers in Rajasthan now stands at 74.

Ranthambore has 61 tigers and the state government is planning to shift them to other places in the state due to scarcity of territory area.

A significant increase in number of tigers has been noticed in Ranthambore, which has led to frequent territorial fights among the big cats along with their intrusion to nearby villages.

Coming up with a relevant solution, the state government is mulling over to shift tigers to other national parks and reserves in the state. 

But experts are of the view that other sanctuaries and reserves need to be upgraded on several parameters before the shifting takes place.

Sources in the forest department said some 12 tigers will be shifted to other places including Sariska in Alwar district, Mukundara Hills near Kota and Kailadevi in Karauli district.