They have a fetish for fitness

They have a fetish for fitness

off field

They have a fetish for fitness

It was his humble beginnings and hard work that brought him fame and success. In a chat with Metrolife cricketer Vinay Kumar says that he will never forget the way he came up. 

   He makes it a point to be accessible to people at all times. “The powerful must be accessible to the people. I am always open to talking to young people about cricket and giving them whatever tips I have learnt and gathered from my seniors. Thanks to my seniors, I’ve come a long way,” he says.

Off field, Vinay's inseparable companion is his wife Richa Singh. The couple got married after a three-year courtship. Richa says she was inspired to take to fitness after she saw her husband work really hard. 
 “I can see that he consciously gives up a lot of things that he would have otherwise liked to eat. I used to go for movies only to snack on the nachos and popcorn but now, I’ve begun to watch my diet thanks to Vinay,” says Richa.

Vinay has opened a fitness centre in the City after much thought. “The centre is my way of giving back to the City. I’ve got so much love and support and I thought this is the best way to repay that love,” explains Vinay.    

He voluntarily stays away from oily and fatty food and consumes only that which is high on carbohydrates and protein.

Vinay feels diet plays an important part in regulating and maintaining one’s energy level. “I say no to oily food and consume fruits and vegetables in large quantities. Nuts are another favourite. When I can’t resist the temptation, I do eat sweets and chocolates in limited quantities,” observes Vinay. 

   He believes in eating five or six small meals per day instead of three large meals. 

“The one who is fit is more confident than the one who is bulky,” he adds. Richa ensures that Vinay’s diet is not compromised. “I make sure his meals have plenty of salads, fruits and other protein-rich food. Although, he doesn’t stop me from eating what I like, I’ve also begun to follow a similar diet,” reasons Richa. 

Talking about how he handles pressure on and off the field, Vinay  states that an active mind and body helps handle pressure better. 

   “I can take the most important decision only if I have an active mind and body. If you are physically fit, everything falls in place,” he concludes. 

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