Architect of his own fortune

Architect of his own fortune

Each one of us craves for good fortune, don’t we? So, is it gifted or earned?.

 Well, in simple words, fortune means having the best or achieving all that one sets out for. But then why are some people more fortunate than others? Can one change one’s fortune? The answer to these tedious questions lies in understanding that fortune is not a matter of chance, a stroke of good luck or a sudden windfall.

Neither is fortune or misfortune caused by another person or event. But still, there are many who feel that despite putting in lot of efforts, fortune eludes them. Such people must realise that through our good deeds and pure feelings, we can definitely create a good fortune. 

So, what is the mantra for creating good fortune? It’s simple. To accumulate good fortune, it is important that our actions are righteous and free from selfish expectations and ego. It is not enough to perform a righteous action like duty; but it is essential that righteous actions are accompanied by pure feelings of goodwill, compassion, joy and generosity. Such feelings beget blessings from others and also ensure a good fortune. In the present times, when ill feelings are prevalent everywhere, there is a great scope to do good by sharing goodwill, love and care.

Usually, we expect others to change or co-operate with us before we are willing to change ourselves. But, if we give something after taking something, then it does not accumulate any fortune. Hence, the greatest need of the time is to be good even when others are not. To do this, we need to make a firm promise that no matter what comes, we have to change and do our best even in adverse situations. In order to create a good fortune, a person must be the master of the self. One who is dependent on material comforts, salvation, name and fame, bondaged by habits, sanskars, relationships, etc.

which are shortlived, cannot experience blessings and inner joy that come from good karma. When we sincerely pay attention to nurturing our virtues and removing our weaknesses, we are able to touch other people’s lives in a better way.

Another easier way of accumulating fortune is by having a merciful attitude and humility in service. Having mercy means not to criticise the weaknesses of others, but to forgive them or to have good wishes for them and to inspire them to imbibe the qualities they lack. By considering the self to be an instrument of the Almighty, we can remain free from ego and arrogance.
 When we are merciful and humble, we will be good to even those who may not be so good to us. Remember, negative feelings for the self will create unfortunate situations and negative deeds. Hence, by maintaining the consciousness of being an instrument of Supreme, by being merciful to others and by always thinking of giving the best to all in an unlimited way, we can accumulate unlimited fortune for several millennia.