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Struggling to make ends meet, Gardner finds himself and his five-year-old son evicted from their apartment with nowhere to go.
When Gardner lands an internship at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, he and his son endure many hardships, including living in shelters, in pursuit of his dream of a better life for the two of them.

This is followed by Bad Boys at 10 pm. It’s about Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) who is a hen-pecked family man and Mike Lowry (Will Smith) is a foot-loose and fancy free ladies’ man. They are Miami cops.

Designs of life

Discovery Channel presents Human Body on December 24 from 8 pm to 9 pm. This episode showcases that although sex has been codified genetically, a six-week-old embryo is physiologically indistinguishable as either male or female.
Find out how this transformation takes place and how both sexes are designed with advantages for the game of life. From birth, the programme will follow men and women as they mature and push their bodies to extremes.  Women can endure more pain and live longer than men. Is one sex designed to be superior to the other?  To find out, tune into Human Body.

Technological leaps

National Geographic Channel takes you on the discovery route to admire the technological leap that built the world’s largest hydro-electric dam. This film reveals the technological leaps forward that have allowed the world’s largest hydroelectric dam — the Three Gorges Dam in China, to be built.
The Dam harnesses the power of China’s great Yangtze River. It is over two kilometres long, towers over 60 floors high and creates a reservoir 600 kilometres in length.
On completion the scheme will be able to generate 22,500 megawatts of power - enough to supply electricity to 60 million people. Big, Bigger, Biggest : Dam will be aired on December 24 at 9 pm.

Oven fresh
Celebrate Christmas on Discovery Travel and
Living with host Nigella who is never happier than when in a kitchen made tropical by the heat of an oven filled with cakes, buns and biscuits.
Baking, mulling, larder filling and fun food to hang on the tree are at the heart of this programme.
Pre Christmas entertaining can be everything from a coping with the extended groups of drop-ins that somehow appear unannounced and the pre-planned dinner parties that seem to crop up with an undiminished enthusiasm in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

A deal gone awry
During childhood, Fred Claus has always lived under the shadow of his younger brother Nick’s saintliness. When they are both grown up, Fred is a self-centred guy and scam artist in Chicago. When one deal goes awry, he visits Nick (who is now Santa Claus) in the North Pole for a loan.
As Santa faces an auditing bureau in areas like efficiency and quality, Fred continues to give his brother hell. Fred Claus starring Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Miranda Richardson, John Michael Higgins will be aired on December 24 at 9 pm.
X’Mas Carnival will be aired on December 24 between 9 pm and 12 pm.