All set for the next flight

A career in acting wasn’t really her choice but as destiny had it for her, Tulip Joshi took up what she was offered. It is easy to recall her debut film Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai but it is difficult to name her other projects after that.

However, her recent stint on television is something that the viewers will definitely remember. The reason for this, however, is the script and direction that have hooked viewers to the show.

For Joshi, it was the “packaging” that attracted her to accept the TV series Airlines. “Even if this project would have been for a film, I would have said yes to it,” she says praising author-screenwriter Advaita Kala’s past works and Star Plus’s backing.

“It is another thing that I had planned to learn flying in the past and didn’t do it really.”
“A girl being a pilot is like the metaphor ‘woman in a man’s world’. Luckily, I have never been a victim of discrimination. But it does happen and that is why we hear it on television,” she remarks on the show’s story highlighting women and their issues.

Her character ‘Ananya’ is presented as a calm person who perceives the situation around her without getting agitated. Joshi shares that “It is the way the writer decided it to be. I do put my own bit of shading, mannerisms and add body language, but what you see is what has been consciously decided by its creator. How I do it is very difficult to explain. I don’t know how it happens but when I get into the pilot’s uniform, I feel like one.”

An avid follower of American TV series, Two and a Half Men and Game of Thrones,
she finds no difference between working for the small and big screen.

“When the director says ‘action’, I get into the character. And after all, the camera that I am shooting in front of, is the same,” she says with a smile. But also adds that after seeing her performance she wants different frames to be finalised than what the production team has chosen.

“I believe that a piece of art is never complete and therefore everytime I see my performance, I keep improvising it in my head.”

Having acted even in regional films, she doesn’t shy away from saying that “Emotions are universal and language isn’t a barrier. I have made a conscious choice to do one project at a time and, I am happy with that decision.”

Ask her about her future plans and she refuses to share anything about her personal life or upcoming films but admits, “Acting is my hobby and I will keep doing it.” Hope she gets to fulfil this one plan.  

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