Grazing on garbage

Grazing on garbage

Grazing on garbage

Disposal of waste in the City has always been a point of concern. People dump garbage wherever they feel like as a result of which, most of the busy stretches are piled up with trash. 

Miller’s Road has been one of the worst affected. The residents and the shop owners in the area have a long list of complaints regarding the garbage dumping here. The operation of several small businesses, which are on this road, have been affected to an extent. 

Amjab, a waiter at a small eatery here, says, “There is no seating arrangement in our eatery. So people have to stand and eat. But with garbage being dumped near the eatery, the customers don’t feel like eating. Some even go away without ordering anything.”

The residents are concerned about their health as well. Says Anitha, a resident, “The entire stretch stinks and there are rats everywhere. The smell of garbage is unbearable and since it is out in the open, it could lead to a lot of diseases too.” 

Manohar, who also regularly moves around in the area, feels that the authorities should do something. 

“The BBMP authorities come in the morning and clean the place up. But as the day progresses, the garbage gets piled up again. It has become a big nuisance now. The BBMP should make some arrangements to at least cover the garbage,” he says. 

One of the most dirty spots here is an empty site and there are a few houses, hotels and small enterprises next to it. Although there is a dust bin just a few metres away, people still throw waste on the road. 

“Instead of building unnecessary skywalks with escalators, the government should place dust bins where they are needed and build pedestrian-friendly roads,” adds Anitha.

Pedestrians also have to watch out for electric wires on the road. “The wires are left on the road in a haphazard manner. During the rains, the situation is worse. One could get an electric shock because of the irresponsibility of the authorities,” says Nitya, a college student.

The slum area on Miller’s Road is affected too. The slum dwellers here already live in a bad condition and when it rains, the garbage floats into their house.

 “The condition is pathetic. We have to live in this stinky place and when it rains, it is worse. The garbage has been lying here for the past two or three months,” says Muniswamy, who lives here. 

“The slum-dwellers blame the authorities of a hotel in the area and vice-versa. The blame game just continues but in the end, it’s the people who are suffering,” says Vinay, who passes this area everyday.

There is a bus stop right next to the pile of garbage too. “I take the bus from this stop everyday and the stink from this garbage is just intolerable. Sometimes, men even urinate here which is disgusting,” says Neethu, a college student. 

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