Rs 13,000 cr needed

Developing a capital in the Vijayawada region with infrastructure and new buildings for secretariat requires at least Rs 13,055 crore.  The estimate was made by the K C Sivaramakrishnan-led expert committee set up by the Union government to suggest a capital city for the residual Andhra Pradesh.

The committee estimated that Rs 10,519 crore investment may be needed for buildings in the capital zone and the estimated common infrastructure cost was close to Rs 1,536 crore with water supply taking 33 per cent of the investment.

The committee developed the indicative capital zone investment package after field visits across the state, an assessment of the existing situation in a typical Andhra Pradesh city, broad-brush estimates of investments required to upgrade urban infrastructure and provide universal coverage of basic services in such a typical city. It also took into account the investment required to relocate government offices and staff from Hyderabad to the proposed capital.

The overall estimate for buildings of the capital zone is Rs 10,519 crore and the bulk of this (63 per cent) goes to office and housing for directorate staff. According to the report, for infrastructure for legislature and secretariat, Rs 2,032 crore will be needed. A new Raj Bhavan needs 15 acres of land and its construction could cost Rs 56 crore. The Secretariat, which needs 15-20 acre land, could need Rs 361 crore while housing for secretariat staff will need Rs 1,097 crore.

For setting up Directorates, Rs 1,260 crore is needed while for the housing needs of Directorate staff, Rs 5,398 crore is needed. The common infrastructure costs for the capital zone is close to Rs 1,536 crore.

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