Kejriwal wants President to step in, vows to stop BJP in Delhi

Kejriwal wants President to step in, vows to stop BJP in Delhi

Accusing BJP of trying to form government in Delhi through "horse trading", Arvind Kejriwal today said Aam Aadmi Party will seek the President's intervention to ensure that the saffron party does not get an invitation "under any circumstances" from the Lt Governor.

"How will BJP form government? Naturally, BJP wants to form government through horse-trading, by buying MLAs which is totally wrong.

"They want to buy MLAs using money power, at Rs 20 crore each," he alleged. Kejriwal also questioned the basis over which LG will reportedly invite BJP to form government in Delhi and termed it as a "deliberate" invitation to form government "dishonestly".

"The LG is saying that BJP will be invited to form government. On what basis are they going to prove (majority). This is a deliberate invitation to form government dishonestly. So we are meeting the President today and will request him to intervene in the matter. BJP should not get an invitation to form government under any circumstances," he said.

BJP is likely to be invited to form a government in Delhi with Jung sending a report to the President seeking permission to call the single largest party to take a shot at power though it is well short of majority in the assembly.

In his report, Jung gave a detailed analysis of the political situation in the city and underlined the need to have an elected government for Delhi which is under President's rule since February 17 following resignation of AAP government.

AAP and Congress have come down hard on Jung for his move to invite BJP to form government and accused him of promoting "horse-trading".

Kejriwal also said that AAP MLAs have been asked to conduct sting operations if anybody from BJP approaches them for "horse-trading", tapes of which would be released ahead of the trust vote in the assembly.

"We have told our MLAs that if BJP approaches you for horse-trading, don't refuse them, talk to them and record the conversation. If they ask you to resign, comply with them. When the LG invites BJP to form government and when the confidence motion is about to begin, we will release all the recordings an hour before it," he said.

Renewing the demand for fresh elections, another senior AAP leader Manish Sisodia said that if the BJP comes to power through "horse-trading", it will be very "dangerous" for Delhi as the party will only think of "making more money".

"The stand of our party is already clear. Re-elections must happen in Delhi because if BJP forms government through horse-trading then it will not bother about inflation, corruption, sanitation, hospitals, bribery etc.

"It will only think about making more money. Such a government will be very dangerous for Delhi. So elections must happen and a majority government should be formed," he said.

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