Successful delivery of CWG still at risk: panel

Successful delivery of CWG still at risk: panel

Chaired by Commonwealth Games Federation Treasurer Austin Sealy, the COCOM visited the capital from December 14-16 and made public their report on Delhi’s preparation.

“While substantial progress has been demonstrated by OC (Organising Committee) and its delivery partners since last COCOM, it is clear successful delivery of the Games remains at risk in many key areas,” the panel said in its conclusion.

Making it clear that things should have been put in place by now, the report said, “Many of these risks are atypical of an OC at this stage of preparation and they require the OC Executive and the Government to initiate immediate and ongoing remedial work with expert assistance in some areas.”

The COCOM welcomed the late alacrity on the OC’s part but insisted the organisers have a difficult task at hand. “The overall standard of presentations and dialogue demonstrates that the OC and its delivery partners are starting to ‘turn the corner’ and are addressing the myriad of issues they face. The COCOM singled out venue delivery — especially the SP Mukherjee Swimming Complex and the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium — as a matter of grave concern.

The timing and process of venue handover to the OC also needed clarity, it said.
On the positive side, COCOM felt the appointment of Jarnail Singh as the CEO a step in the right direction. Besides, the report said, the Games Village has the potential to be the best ever and its delivery is on schedule as well.

On security front, COCOM was happy with Delhi Police’ Games planning cell, which it felt was substantial. The COCOM asked OC to get in touch with the Commonwealth Games Associations and determine whether the next security conference could be held back-to-back with the Chefs de Mission seminar in March.