'It's the product that reflects you'


'It's the product that reflects you'

For her, “everything in life is khoobsurat”. Talked about more for her glamour tha­n her acting skills, Sonam Kapoor is not just another ‘damsel in tinsel town’ but an actor who ensures leaving a stamp on everything that she does. In a chat with Metrolife, the actor shares her notions of ‘beauty’, acting in a princess story and why she doesn’t settle for anything but the ‘best’.
“Not that I think that everything people consider conventionally beautiful is beautiful. But my idea of beauty is - wha­t­ever you see, you need to see beauty in it. I always feel ever­ything is beautiful and kh­o­o­bsurat. It’s the energy that people emanate that makes things beautiful. Going to Dilli Haat and seeing energetic people or going to Chandni Chowk and having paranthas is beautiful. I think moments, ideas, senses, food, everything is beautiful and it’s how you look at it and how it makes you feel that decides it’s beauty.”

Her take on all things bright and beautiful makes one wonder if people’s attitude towa­rds her changed after her na­me was associated with being beautiful. Replying in the negative Kapoor asserts, “People who have remained in my life, who have been with me since I was younger have remained the same. I am not a very soc­ial person. But I have very go­od friends and they have been same since I was young. And I hope they don’t change beca­use they keep me grounded. There is a beautiful saying: ‘Friends and nice things beh­i­nd your back and nasty things to your face’,” she laughs.

This prompts Metrolife to ask about her say-it-aloud attitude, for which she has been often scrutinised. “In my family, we believe in being who we are and that’s most important. I am very foolhardy. I am not someone who has great
self-preservation skills. I don’t beli­eve in mincing words or compromising in any way to save myself. I think it takes a lot mo­­­­­re courage to say it the way it is, than in doing anything else.”

One wonders if it is the sa­me courage that makes her ta­ke up a different character onscreen, each time.

“You must be thinking what this girl is going to come up wi­­th next,” she retorts and giggles adding that she tries not to repeat herself.

“I always try to do somethi­ng that is completely different from the last. And that is the best way to work.”

Be it her first film Saawa­r­iya or the upcoming Khoobs­urat, it is not difficult to spot her squabbling over a particular dress or certain appearan­ce for promotion. Though an acquaintance would call it an ‘over-indulgence’, Kapoor justifies, “I don’t get possessive. Everything that I do is becau­se it’s going to be a reflection of my work. It’s the product that reflects you. For example if you are writing an article, even though it’s part of a new­spaper, you would want your article to be showcased as bea­utifully as possible. Sometim­es, you won’t win the argume­nt with your editor but you still try your best. Am I wro­ng?” Not at all Miss Kapoor!

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