BJP sacks Benki Mahadev

BJP sacks Benki Mahadev

I was promised of a plum post

Mahadev joined the BJP after quitting the Congress before the Assembly elections in 2008.
He suffered defeat in the Assembly elections. He was appointed as chairman of the corporation on March 2, 2009. The Cooperation Department, on Tuesday, issued an order cancelling the order appointing him to the post.

In Mysore, upset over the removal from the post of chairmanship Mahadev popularly known as ‘Benki Mahadev’ tendered resignation to the primary membership of BJP.

Speaking to reporters Mahadev said he never asked the chairman’s post but was offered by the chief minister, instead.

He further alleged that the chief minister forced him to join the BJP and also promised a plum post for him. The chief minister has thus betrayed by not fulfiling his promise.

The former minister also said that he felt at home in the Congress, while he was treated like an outcast in the BJP. ‘I was attuned to the ideology and principles of the Congress party but the BJP lacked any ideology,’ observed Mahadev.