Missing the lush greenery

Melting Pot

Missing the lush greenery

Bangalore has always embraced people from other States who come here in pursuit of a better life. Those from diverse linguistic backgrounds, who are settled here, share their unique culture and talk about their experiences in this city.

Vivek Singh came to Bangalore a decade ago from Lucknow to set up a garment business. His wife Lata joined him after marriage. “I went through a lot of struggle during my initial days but Bangalore accepted me with open arms. Today, I can call this City my home,” says Vivek.

The couple are gifted with two children. Daughter Shibani, who is eight years old, is studying in Baldwin Girls’ High School and son Shiv is two years old. “I had the option of going to either Hyderabad or Bangalore, but I chose Bangalore because of the amazing weather. Although it has changed over the years, it is definitely better compared to North”, says Vivek.  

The couple feels that the City has undergone a lot of changes. “Bangalore was a small city but now it has expanded. Back then Whitefield was not part of the City
limits but now it’s a city in itself,” adds Vivek. Both Vivek and Lata work together in their business.

“We feel the people here are very committed and sincere. They stick to their word and not change it under any circumstances. People are on time and honest,” they add.
Language was never a barrier for Vivek. But for Lata, who manages household chores, not knowing the language was a drawback. Communicating with workers and maids was a little difficult for Lata.  The couple miss the festival celebrations back home. “When I initial came to Bangalore, people id not celebrate Holi and Navrathri here but in Lucknow, it’s a grand festival, where the entire family meets and celebrates the festival in all its grandeur. With the rising of the apartment culture, people have now started celebrating both the festivals,” says Lata. Vivek adds, “Navrathri is very commercialised in Bangalore, but in Lucknow, we celebrate the festival at home with our near and dear ones. The celebration is for all the nine days but here, people meet only for the dance,” adds Vivek.
Ask any Lucknowi person and he will say that he loves their food. This couple too craves for good ‘Lucknowi’ food. “We go to Lucknow only for food and even here we try to hunt down authentic Lucknow food,” says Lata.

Living in Bangalore is a boon. “My daughter knows a lot of languages here but if we were in North, she would have known only English and Hindi. Knowing more languages makes the mind sharper,” says Lata.

Lata feels that the City is safer than Lucknow. “Women cannot go out alone in the night without accompanying men and here I can send my daughter to a lot of other activities like dance, music, she can go with her friends and I don have to fear about her safety but in Lucknow this is just impossible,” says Lata.

The family loves spending their holidays in a resort as they feel it is refreshing and fun. On weekends, the children like to go to the malls and gardens.

 “We miss the greenery here as every street has a mall now. We want Bangalore to regain its name as garden city,” says the couple.

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