The fact in the fiction

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The fact in  the fiction

How many times have you watched a movie and wondered about its impact on the audience, especially the young people? Be it inspiring movies, those that have a lot of skin show and spine-chilling long action sequences, they do leave some impact on the audience, whether they accept it or not. It goes without saying that young people anywhere are avid movie-goers. And those in the City are not far behind. While they enjoy watching movies and are fans of actors, they do have their opinion on whether a film impacts them or not.

It’s the cool factor!
Harsh Raj, a final-year civil engineering student of CMR Institute of Technology, says, “Movies often communicate wrong ideas about how one should act when with peers, like showing smoking as a ‘cool’ thing youngsters do. Also, many other movies which showcas stunts with bikes cause an impact on youngsters and they try to imitate these to impress others. When ‘Dhoom’ was released, there were many instances of youngsters stealing things and escaping in their bikes. One has to know what is good for you.”

Mind your language
Sourabh KB, a second-year PU student from Jain College, Jayanagar, says,“Film is a strong medium and affects the language of people greatly. People often copy funny and catchy phrases and dialects or slang for a hearty laugh, when they are with their friends. When ‘Chennai Express’ was released, there many who were conversing like how the
characters spoke in the movie. The sad part is that whatever is bad is often picked up first.”

Purely entertainment
Priyanka Aanjny, a third-year BCom student from Jain College, Jayanagar, says, “Movies were made to be entertainers. In this fast-paced world, they are meant to give us light moments with enough to laugh about and ponder over. And most will agree that films are a perfect two-and-a-half-hour break from reality. Most of the youngsters today are able to identify between reality and fiction. For example, take the songs in Bollywood films; who actually sings and dances around when in love? 

Inspiring stories
Akshay MS, a second-year PU student from Jain College, believes, “There are many movies which inspire the viewer and push them to realise his or her potential. In movies like ‘Forrest Gump’, people see how an average person can reach greater heights. Often, movies with such positive impact help in planning how to get out of a particular situation or deal with a certain instance. Also, many movies today have realistic themes, which make us aware of the world around us, and inspire us to do different things for a change.”

Trending, now!
Neha Kumari, a final year electrical and electronics engineering student from CMR Institute of Technology, says that fashion of today is affected by the silver screen. “From what you wear to a gadget to the craze for bikes, the trends for today are often inspired from movies. Youngsters may follow these trends because their favourite actors might be wearing the popular outfits, or because they want to seen as fashionable. Even designers follow movies to make unique creations.”

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