Give your kitchen a facelift

Give your kitchen a facelift

A pretty kitchen does not require a fat purse. With a bit of creativity and hands-on approach, you can make an old kitchen look brand new, avows   Sharmila Chand

Stained walls, dim lighting and cluttered look in a kitchen are not uncommon, but it does get rather disheartening to cook in that space after a point, doesn’t it? Sure, you might not be able to afford a full-scale kitchen renovation, but you can tweak a thing or two in your kitchen and then feel happy to cook your heart out.

Giving your kitchen a face-lift is not all that tough. In fact, it is an opportunity for you to enjoy adding small touches or replenish worn-out areas. Just a couple of appliances, lights, countertop or props can be the fresh elements that fit your style and budget. Here’s how you can breathe a new life into your kitchen:


Decluttering is as essential as buying new stuff. If you add one piece, make sure you discard at least two. This way, you will make space for new items. Do not let china figurines on the window sill to accumulate for years. And don’t crowd your fridge with too many magnets. Make space and pep up your kitchen with a few simple things. Well, flower vases never seem to go out of fashion, so you could place one on your kitchen countertop. Also, see if you can add a stainless steel basket full of colourful fruits. You could even consider mounting stainless steel utensils, or wine bottles, against the kitchen walls. 


Changing the entire cabinet is an expensive proposition, so just go for restoring what you already have. It's possible to replace just the panels on cabinet doors. There are several decorative panel options available, like glass in clear, etched, tinted, patterned, stained and metal - stainless steel or punched or patterned tin. Sometimes just a coat of paint will do.

Also, simply changing the handles can give a new look. Replacing knobs, pulls, and hinges are not a costly affair, so you can go for it. Just remember that the new hardware should match the existing pattern and settings. You could even add wall covers on your cabinet doors to glam them up.


The countertop is, certainly, the focal point of every kitchen. Nothing changes the look of a kitchen quicker than sprucing up its countertop. You need not remove the old one; these days it is possible to get the new one placed right on top of the old fixture. Ask a specialist’s suggestion to add an
appropriate veneer of genuine granite right on top of the old countertop. It will not only enhance the look, but also impart greater durability to your existing one.


Take a good look at your kitchen space. Are you sure you have enough light to see what you're doing? Maybe. But putting in a new fixture or two will brighten up your kitchen, and quite literally, too.
Installing lighting underneath your cupboards is a brilliant idea as it can accent the cupboard and countertop area inexpensively. Accent lighting is of great benefit as it allows you to have the light in the direction you want.

Ceiling lighting can be reasonably low, but have additional lights where you are cooking. For example, there are low-cost options such as ‘rope lighting’, which can be added under overhead cabinets, or even plug-in strip lighting, which you can put in yourself. Pendants or other decorative fixtures add instant elegance, so you can have one or two of those as well. Experts suggest LED bulbs that may be a one-time costly expenditure, but will last for years and are very energy-efficient.


In case you don’t wish to change anything, just go for a fresh coat of paint. You will be surprised how a new coat of paint on the ceiling can brighten things up. Ceilings get dingy over time with smoke, dust and dirt, so a little painting can cheer up the whole room. And this time, why not go for the teflon-coated paint? If you want to protect your home from blemishes, the kitchen is, perhaps, where you would need to use the paints first.


Sometimes scrubbing a floor squeaky clean doesn’t help pep up the look of your kitchen. You could consider refinishing the existing wooden floor, and get it done in a different colour or add stenciled
borders. If you have stone flooring, then getting it polished is a good idea to bring back its original lustre. If the flooring looks outdated,  you may get it covered with a wood coat or a layer of stick-down vinyl tiles or sheet flooring. Else, if you have a good budget, you could have the floor tiles changed altogether. Because if there is one thing that goes out of fashion quickly, it is floor tiles!

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