Poet's corner

Poet's corner

My Bed
My Bed is Big and Blue, And I am its little owner,
My Bed’s name is Poo, Poo!
And my pet name is Papu.

I love my Bed because it is Blue,
It makes me happy because it helps me to rest,
When I get up and I am ready to go,
Poo Poo says to me bye, bye! And its off to sleep after I go.

Nikita Elizabeth Mathew
Baldwin Girls High School

What should I be.........
What should I be, I wonder ...
Should I be a teacher or a doctor...
Helping the intellect or body as a mentor
How about a dancer or a singer...
Spreading the art fly higher and higher
Why not a good engineer...
Building dams over our village river
To make the lands around greener
Asked my mom what makes her happier
What you do, she said, doesn't matter
Make your community better and better
World would remember you for ever!

S. Deepti, 7th Standard

 Earth is round
According to me,
It resembles a mound.
It's a place full of sound,
I consider it profound!

You see its where,
Animals like bear,
Roam freely,
In their caves so eerie.

There are others too,
That includes me and you.
But at the moment it's all about swine flu.
My point is that,
We must preserve the fact,

That Earth is the hub of the galaxy….

BY:Chintan Singh
SKCH CBSE 7th 'C' 

Little bird
Little Bird, why don't you
Stop and speak!
"Where are you going with
Those twigs in your beak?"

"I am going to lay eggs
which Are round,
so I am building a nest
To keep them safe and sound!

Nikita Elizabeth
Baldwin Girls High Schoo, Class V

 Don't  you  see  plastic everywhere?
I  don't  think  you  even  stop  to  stare!
Why  are  you  doing  this  to  me?{Earth}
I  cant  believe  no one can see!!
What's the problem with  you ?
Its this that every day do
Stop pollution  its  hurting  me!
Hurting  who?!
Ill tell you.

Have you ever wondered where you live?
Its Earth where we are,
And pollution comes from almost every car!

I hope you've heard about Solar energy
I guess now you really can

Chintan Singh  7th 'C' SKCH   CBSE