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 We need to recognise that our wellness springs from being sensitive to nature, write Bharat & Shalan Savur.

A child recited during an awareness-raising programme: “In happy moments, dance with Mother Earth. In difficult moments, pray for Mother Earth. In quiet moments, smile at Mother Earth. In painful moments, embrace Mother Earth. Every morning, thank Mother Earth.”  Inherent in this message is our health too - the energy we give is the energy we get. Thus, acting mindfully, thoughtfully, discerningly should be part of our fitness lifestyle.
When we get violently angry, the earth absorbs these violent vibrations. And in the years to come, every tantrum, every hostile thought, word and action contributes to the intensity and scale of an earthquake, storm, tsunami or any disaster; it’s what the wise say and quantum physicists agree with. 

Correspondingly, our anger turns in on us to cause high blood pressure or heart disease. 

Whenever we walk amidst nature, we feel one with the trees, birds, the smell of mud... We, humans, enjoy a deep, invisible, vibrational love-connect with nature. When we pollute the earth, not just physically, but also through our negativity, mother nature gets sick. And when she ails, we, too, fall sick. This is perhaps why we’ve always been told to meditate in a clean and green environment. 

It’s time we recognise this connect, this inter-dependence, and understand deeply that our wellness also springs from being sensitive to nature. It’s sacred activism. Let’s do it:n Let the earth, too, breathe freely. Don’t suffocate it with plastic stuff. Use jute bags, stainless steel boxes and water bottles. 

Besides, experts suspect chemicals called phthalates in plastic packaging damage lungs. Cartons kill trees, while the sweetened juices they hold spike our sugar levels. 

n Walk peacefully, talk softly, think lovingly, work tranquilly, drive calmly. There is enough noise on earth even without you adding to it. 

n Grow a plant to increase the oxygen content in the air. Hang moistened khus mats on windows and switch off air-conditioners. Fix a leaky tap; a drop saved today can help create an ocean tomorrow. 

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