Today's letters

Today's letters

Narayana Murthy not to blame

It is  well known that Mr. Narayana Murthy was invited by the Government of Karnataka to be a member of Bangalore International Airport. He was invited because he was the Founder of Infosys and was responsible for bringing IT to Karnataka.
 Infosys, like other IT companies, had obtained land from Government of Karnataka under rules and regulations, but Infosys refused to pay bribe to the then Chief Minister of Karnataka for getting land allotment.Infosys  had also refused to employ people based on recommendations by ministers.
This is because the company has clear cut rules and regulations for employing people. All these factors led resigning of Mr. Murthy from the Airport Project. Thus Mr. Murthy's name should not have been tarnished in this issue. I hope that wise counsel will prevail.


K.V. Suryanarayanan

Raheja Enclave

Race Course Road

Coimbatore 641 018

In bad taste

Apropos the report on BIA.The report is in bad taste.The efforts of various vested interests in scuttling the new Airport project and also the exit of Tatas from the earlier consortium are fresh in the mind of people. Everyone knows in what condition the old HAL airport was functioning.

What about the state of Railway Stations in Bangalore and Karnataka?  They are among the filthiest railway stations in the World! They should be called stinking toilets! And horror of horrors, nobody appears to be concerned with the beauty and hygiene of railway stations just because Indian Railways is headed by Indians!

A visit to Hosur Railway Station in Tamil Nadu which is just across the Karnataka border will help anyone who is interested to see the difference
Also there is an urgent need to introduce seamless suburban railway system right from BIA to all the corners of the Bengaluru city so that ordinary people can travel all over the city without changing buses and

at a much cheaper rate than the existing bus fare.



Sterling Park



Private Insurance in India

It’s a pity to see good leading brands not being able to attain breakeven even after 8/9 years in the system. It is not because of poor economy or recession. It is due to the faulty way of functioning. Proper functioning by the company and its senior officials can reduce cost, bring in more business and make profits thereby declaring more bonuses to policyholders.

After doing a detailed study of the same, I have come out with few of my own suggestions which I believe can help an organization to a large extent.

a) Trimming agency force will not reduce expenses. At the same time proper training and motivation to existing agents (Junk agents need to be weeded out) and recruiting of new agents will bring in more business It is often said that new blood gives more energy to a body.

b) I have often noticed that once a Sales Development Manager (SDM) is recruited, he is pressurized to bring business, because of which he forgets to do his actual job which is to recruit, train and motivate agents for business.

c) Bring down the CTC of senior officials. Why should a Zonal Manager (charge of 2 states) be given more than 2 lakhs (excluding reimbursement) a month. We must understand the fact that money which comes to an organization through collection of premiums is public money which should be largely used for public welfare and not on employee welfare

d) Target the rural population(which is 80% of Indian population) for business rather than concentrating on urban high end customers


I believe that if all these functions are implemented properly in a fair and just way the organization can bring about a big change.


Madan Nambiar

‘Tiger’ menace


I parked my brand new Yamaha FZ-S on RV road on a Tuesday at 11am, I saw a row of bikes parked along there and I did not see any “no parking” sign on the street. When I came back about 20 minutes later the bike was gone. I asked the paan-wallah about bikes parked on the curb; he told me that the “tiger” took it. After querying a few pedestrians I realized that my bike had been impounded for illegal parking and that I had to go to the local police station to pick it up (there is absolutely no sign as to one should do in such a situation!).

I took an auto-rickshaw to the station and – lo and behold – I see a row of bikes parked in front there – I spot my bike instantly. I see a thuggish man (no badge, no uniform, no paper work, nothing!)  who demands Rs 300 to get my bike back. I pay him and ask him for a receipt, he tells me to come back at 3pm for the receipt. I was happy to evict the scene with my bike and life intact. This would have been a “happy” ending if it were just this, but there is more.

I drove about half a kilometer and quickly realized that something was wrong with the bike, the handle bar was crooked. I immediately took it to the dealer and he told me that it would cost Rs 7700 to fix it. You can imagine my outrage at this point – I was just flabbergasted. I paid up and did not bother to file a claim for this amount (I don’t know how one would go about doing that!) – I just assumed it would take such inordinate amount of my time and effort so as to be worthless.


The point of the above narration is: why are we behaving like barbarians by impounding bikes on the street while there is a more civilized solution, which would be issuing an electronic ticket. I can only describe the above situation as harassing innocent civilians and should be put to a stop immediately. Whoever came up such has scheme has more sinister motive behind it (possibly getting kickbacks from the “tigers”). There are easily about 100 bikes impounded per day, which works out to about Rs 30,000 in easy money per day. Since a receipt was not issued, if it ever is, is the money being to line the pockets of politicians/policemen? This travesty has to stop immediately and urge other citizens to get behind and stop this barbaric practice.

Sridhar B