God is with us

God is with us

 Knowing his tactic, the mother said to him, “it is time for you to go to sleep now. Your father and I are going to put out the light after we kiss you goodnight.” He responded with the protest, “But I am afraid in the dark.” His mother, growing impatient, said, “There is nothing to be afraid of, God is here with you.” The child looked up at his parents and said, “I know that God is here, but I want someone in here with skin on.” This is the reason we have Christmas: God’s knowledge of humanity that we needed someone with “skin on” to walk with us, and he gave us his son, Jesus.

Christmas comes every year, and the message is the same – God is with us. He is in every human person, and he has identified himself with the entire human race, and so, one cannot ignore the God who dwells in every one.

The miracle of Christmas is the journey story of a God who relentlessly pursues His people, who desires so much to be with them that He allows Himself to enter this world through the womb of a virgin teenager, in the presence of a Jewish carpenter, with a few smelly cattle for company (Mt. 1:18-25).

A dazzle of light drew the shepherds into a huddle; they listened in reverential awe; as an angel announced the birth of the King of kings. Good news! Jesus Christ is born! (Luke 2:8-18).  The shepherds set out to seek the Savior.

Over the centuries, the story of the first Christmas has slowly weaned away from its original message and purpose.

Let’s look at what Christmas means to most people today:  Almost everybody is busy planning dances, parties, outings and holidays.  To sum it up, ‘Christ’ is removed from ‘Christmas’.  God wants to remind us that Christmas is not for a day or just for a season; it’s for a life time. Christmas is a daily lifestyle of caring and of sharing: love, joy, peace and kindness to all humankind. Christmas is the realization that God is with us and through us desires to redeem the world.

This is the heart and soul of the Christmas message:  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16).

Who are we that God should care enough to send His Son to dwell amongst us?
The reason is love.

God will speak to those who care to listen. The shepherds did 2000 years ago. The rest of the town was too busy, and they missed out on the invitation to the greatest party, where the greatest gift was presented.

The Invitation holds good to you today. He wants you to be His for eternity.  Not only during Christmastime but right through the year …. God is with us.  After the decorations come down and when the lights burn low…. God is with us.

In our times of loneliness, suffering and pain… God is with us. His name is Jesus Christ, Emmanuel! God with us!