Schumacher will find it tough: Hill

Schumacher will find it tough: Hill

A season off is a long time, says Briton

Schumacher will find it tough: Hill

Michael Schumacher

“At some point the season is going to get very tough and is going to get unpleasant and it might bring back memories of why you retired in the first place,” Britain's 1996 world champion told BBC radio.

“We'll have to see. A season is a long time and it will put Michael through a severe test of his ability.”

Hill, who battled with the seven times world champion repeatedly in the mid-1990s, said Schumacher had plenty going for him, with close friend Ross Brawn running the team that won both titles this year as Brawn GP.

Since Schumacher retired in 2006, Max Mosley has also been replaced as head of the governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) by the German's former Ferrari team boss Jean Todt.

“There's going to be a lot of interested viewers watching the sport for that one, because the suspicion was always that Michael got a little bit of favouritism from the FIA.”