Art meets society

Art meets society

Casual Atmosphere

Art meets society

The City has always had a conducive atmosphere for start-ups but of late, flea markets and spaces for artists have been on the rise. Kitsch Mandi, a start-up to support creative entrepreneurs through art festivals and workshops, was started by Laila Vaziralli and Diva Ganeriwal in 2011. It helps create a platform where art meets society in a casual yet inspiring environment.

“Kitsch Mandi is a creative space for all kinds of artists. It is a space, a festival, celebrating all forms of art and a way for everyone to come together and spend a relaxed day out,” says Diva. They organise several events that include gardening, puppetry, book-making, pottery, juggling, painting, clay making and more. There are about 50 handpicked designers and artists who set up shop at these events. “We have art workshops for people to try their hand at something new. And there are about three to four live music acts that happen throughout the day, along with a space created with board games and mattresses where people can just sit down and chill. People can grab some food or drinks if they like as well,” she adds.

It provides creative services like art direction and decor for festivals, art workshops for children and adults and artist network. “We have a network of up-and-coming artists and fresh talent, so if you have a wall to paint, a treehouse to build or any art project in mind, we would be the right people to approach,” says Laila.

The artists’ collective is targeted at people of all ages. “There is something to do for five-year-olds and a 50-year-old person. We get people from a lot of creative backgrounds coming to the event, along with their families,” adds Laila.

Some of their accomplishments include their work with Sunburn, Goa; MAD Festival, Ooty and October Fest, Bangalore. They have also exhibited the works of many international artists working on a variety of styles ranging from photorealism to abstract and a whimsical combination of the two. Laila says that they use social media extensively for all their promotional work.

Kitsch Mandi is located in 16th cross, Sector 4 of HSR Layout organising an event called ‘Dreamy Bubbles Soaps’, which consist of handmade soaps using the cold process method of soap-making that uses saponified natural vegetable oils enriched with essential oils derived from plant sources, on September 28 at Pebbles in Palace Grounds.