Upendra-starrer Super Ranga is a chuckle-a-minute mad caper

Super RangaKannada (U/A) ¬¬¬
Cast: Upendra, Kriti Kharbanda, Priyanka Rao, Sadhu Kokila, Raghu Mukherjee
Director: Kokila Sadhu

A remake of 2009 Telugu film Kick, Kannada’s very own Super Ranga leaves audiences on a heady high. 

Sandalwood’s Real Star provides fans with a fun-filled gag-a-minute show, leaving them stupefied. 

Directed by comedian Kokila Sadhu, it’s best to leave one’s thinking cap home and enjoy the tomfoolery foisted as entertainment. 

Brimming with trademark Upendra mannerisms, the film is a breezy, boisterous ride. 

Told in flashback and fast forward, the film, flitting between India and Malaysia, is about how Super Ranga robs those with ill-begotten riches, with police unable to track down the plucky thief. 

Further, this slacker believes in getting a ‘kick’ out of everything he does. Ranga tires of his jobs soon, and plays every trick in the trade to get even with a girl who plays the same game with him in order to dissuade her younger sibling who has fallen for the trickster. 

In the process, Ranga falls for her, but she fobs off his persistent wooing only to have a change of heart later. 

Hot in pursuit of mystery man Sriranga aka Super Ranga is policeman Ranganath, who flies to Malaysia to bring the culprit to book. How the cat and mouse game ends forms the climax of Super Ranga. 

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