Need your clothes washed? Head for parking lot

Need your clothes washed? Head for parking lot

New Delhi plans mobile laundries

Need your clothes washed? Head for parking lot

The parking lots in the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) area will soon have more than cars parked. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the council is planning to set up smartcard-operated mobile laundries in its parking lots.

The “green laundry” which will run on PNG or LPG, is  likely to consume less water and electricity than washing machines used at home. The project is based on the format of laundromat which promotes the concept of community washing machines.

“There is a lot of wastage of water at the dhobi ghats which are proliferating. Mobile laundries will modernise the concept. We still have to figure out the scale at which this will be run and the timings when the machines can operate at the parking lots,” said Jalaj Shrivastava, NDMC chairperson.

The vision behind the project is to make life easier for residents in the NDMC area. “The companies will be encouraged to set up mobile laundries in parking lots where there are a cluster of residents,” said Shabnam Kundra, OSD, NDMC.

The NDMC is planning to allow multiple bidders to take up the project. “We will encourage more than one company to take up the project. Customers will benefit as companies would give the best rates. They will also be at liberty to choose the locations where to set up the laundries,” said Kundra.

Sarojini Nagar and Khan Market are likely to be the two most popular spots with the high concentration of residents.

These mobile laundries will be operated by coins or smartcards if residents plan to come and avail the service themselves. However, a pick-and-drop service will also be available. “What makes the service more distinct is clothes will be delivered completely dry,” said Kundra.

Availing the hassle-free service might be slightly more expensive than washing clothes at home. “If we get the project, customers can avail three options —  eight kg, 14 kg and 20 kg. Washing eight kg clothes would cost around Rs 275.

Washing and drying would be completed in one hour. We will charge extra for ironing and pick up and drop service. These machines consume 60 per cent less electricity than domestic washing machines,” said Anshul Gupta, director, Quick Clean Pvt Limited, one of the bidders.

The NDMC is planning to hand over the project to companies with three years of experience of running a laundromat. However, the council will not allow any permanent fixture at the parking lots.

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