Haunted by the paranormal

Haunted by the paranormal

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Haunted by the paranormal

Rannvijay, popularly known for hosting 10 grinding ‘Roadies’ seasons, is currently kicked about his new movie, ‘3AM’, and is busy with the shoots and promotions

Scheduled to release on September 26, he talked to Metrolife about his experiences.
 Describing his movie as a musical paranormal thriller, he says that it is a different genre because of the catchy and unique tunes the songs have, which push the plot forward.  “The movie is about a boy who goes about making a paranormal TV show after his lover dies to see if he can unite with her again. The boy needs proof of her existence. The movie is emotionally ridden as it’s one about love, loss, friendship and about being there for each other during difficult times.” 

Rannvijay adds that the locations where the movie was shot at were also haunted, spooky areas with stories floating around. 

“We shot at an old, run-down mill where, after talking to the locals, we learned that it housed a lot of scary stories,” he laughs.  He describes the entire experience as new and refreshing and hopes that the young crowd will associate with it. “We think a lot and go through various emotions for different reasons. It’s a paranormal thriller and everybody can associate themselves with the characters. I am hopeful about the reception and excited and nervous too.”    

 Rannvijay, who was acting even when he was a TV host, says that the director of the movie was happy that he had juggled through hosting, especially the ‘Girls Night Out’, and acting, as he was familiar how the cameras worked.   Sharing about his experience in ‘Roadies’, he says that the participants who come in should enter with a motive to enjoy themselves and have to be truthful to themselves throughout the show. 

“Even if they lose the show, they shouldn’t lose heart. A lot of people come back and tell us how their philosophy in life has changed after the show as they have learnt so much and this is the biggest success factor of ‘Roadies’.” 

He describes winning Season 1 of ‘Roadies’ as his biggest moment of success. “I was 21 and I got to travel. It was a dream-come-true,” he wraps up.