The online high street

The online high street


The online high street

You don’t need to slip on your shoes, wear a thick cardigan to brave the wind or ask your boss for an afternoon off to go shopping. The high streets of the internet have opened their doors to online shoppers this time round. Everything from cosmetics to cakes are a click away.

A superb way to surprise your mom or girlfriend this holiday season would be to shop online at for a range of products like bath bombs and body scrubs (all natural). The products could cost you anywhere between Rs 700 to Rs 2,000. 

The Body Shop boutique in the city is offering slightly (!) lowered prices this season.  A special product on their range is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion for  Rs 400. Go to to add more to your cart.

Eshop.webindia123 is a portal that offers reasonable discounts and freebies on select retail brands like John Players, Wills Lifestyle and others. Pick up a casual shirt here for the man in your life for Rs 1,299.

Browse It has a whole range of quirky gift items on sale that is sure to get at least a laugh out of you! (A tip-off: Casual shoes and sneakers are available at great prices here.)

Gifts need not always be only about clothes or shoes. Some of us enjoy a little puzzle book or even a fascinating sudoku set. offers you sets of crosswords and Sudoku puzzles.

You can even order your-flavour-of-choice cake by going to We ordered in a divine black forest for Rs 599.

If you can send a cake, then you can also send along flowers. promises the most fresh, colourful bouquets to spread holiday cheer (starting price Rs. 500). Pine-and-oak scented candles from complete the package.

For the fitness enthusiasts in your circle of friends, a much appreciated gift would be the Fifth Gen iPod Shuffle (2GB in hot pink). It can hold up to 1,000 songs (enough to last a couple of hours of pounding the pavement). The iPod supports audio formats like AAI, mp3, WAV, and AIFF.

This convenient device comes with a pinning piece too for Rs 3, 700. It’s available at

Your best buddy is sure to thank you for a pair of funky earphones, more specifically, the e-phone from Philips. It comes in colours such as pink, blue and green and the rubber ends promise to be easy on the ears. Cost: Rs 399. Now, does that cover gifts for buddy, brother, sister, neighbour and long lost friend?