Magic through the lens

Magic through the lens

Magic through the lens

Photography may be an expensive hobby but it is a passion for many. There are a number of youngsters in the City who are taking to photography.

Ranjini Kamath, a housewife, feels that photography has become popular here as the City has some great places that one can shoot at. “Lalbagh is an amazing place for photography enthusiasts and there is a lot one can capture there. Photographers just need an eye for detail. It’s not necessary for one to have an expensive equipment. One can take a good picture with a mobile phone too. It’s the creativity that matters. It is a sweet addiction,” she says.

Vasanth Joshi took a break from his profession as a doctor and dedicated himself to photography. He has been clicking photos for the last 20 years and enjoys capturing nature. “One of the reasons why it is becoming popular is because the equipment is available at various prices. Also, it is easy to upload the picture on social media. People travel a lot these days and like to capture moments that cannot be shot with a mobile phone. Photography as a hobby has become very popular after the IT revolution as youngsters have the money to travel to new places and buy the necessary equipment,” he says.

He feels that photography requires commitment, concentration and dedication. His advice to aspiring photographers is patience. “Wildlife photography is all about being at the right place at the right time. You need to have patience and wait for the animals and birds to show up. Learn the basics of photography from some one knowledgeable. Also take photographs without disturbing nature,” adds Vasanth.

Swaroop Bharadwaj, a mechanical engineer by profession, used to go on a number of treks during his school and college days. This eventually led him to take to photography as a hobby. “With the advent of new technology, it is easy to pursue photography as a hobby. One can easily invest in the equipment. There is no issue about developing the film like the olden days,” he says.

Swaroop feels that photography is relaxing and refreshing. His photos give him immense satisfaction. “You have your entire life to explore and learn. An important thing to keep in mind is to respect wildlife. One should not to disturb them in any way,” he adds.

There are plenty of courses in photography too. Ananth Rangaraj, an engineer by profession, has been clicking photos for the last four years. “Colleges have started offering courses in photography.  These allow students to get in-depth knowledge. And digital connect has helped people to easily view the image unlike the olden days when viewing photos was an expensive affair. Having said that, the equipment is still expensive and this makes photography an expensive hobby,” he says.

Anand Sharan, a professional photographer and founder of Bengaluru School of Arts and Photography, always had the burning desire to be a photographer. This led him to quit a successful career in advertising and plunge into professional photography. “The youth of today is more adventurous and many of them are very concerned about the social problems. Capturing images that convey a message has also contributed to the growth of photography.” Anand has been teaching photography for the past ten years and his advice to budding photographers is, “Do not expect instant gratification. Expensive equipment will not make you a better photographer. In-depth knowledge and lots of work with the right attitude will take you closer to your goals.”