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Last Updated 23 September 2014, 15:38 IST

Pranjal Arabinda Medhi came to the City a decade ago from Assam to study, while it was the curiosity to live in a metro that brought Deepti Timungpi here.

Recalling his initial days in a new city, Pranjal says, “At first, I was homesick, then I started getting adjusted. I began making new friends, learning about the new culture and adapting to a new environment. That’s when I fell in love with this place.”

He says he used to love going to the theatre. “There was a small theatre called ‘Mukunda’ near Hennur where my friends and I would watch movies after jumping from the second floor of our hostel at nights. The ticket prices were Rs. 5 and 10 for night shows then and we had to carry a mosquito coil to the theatre,” he says reminiscing about his college days. Some of his other favourite hangouts were MG Road, Cubbon Park, Brigade Road, Fun World, Symphony theatre and Naga theatre. 

Pranjal actively works with the Assam Society of Bangalore and also runs a small community restaurant called ‘Axomi’ in Koramangala with a few friends, while Deepti works as the Senior Executive Administrator at Barbeque Nation. 

   Talking about the work culture, he says, “Here, people are more professional than in Assam. I also feel people are too occupied with themselves and are not concerned about what’s going on in other people’s lives, unlike in Assam where everyone is friendly and helpful. But I do feel there is equality amongst employees in offices, at least in the IT sector but I cannot comment about Assam as I have never worked there.” Deepti adds,  “Bangalore is a great place to work in.

 The companies I have worked in are very employee-friendly and the work culture allows you to enhance your knowledge and skills.”

In their free time, the couple like to go on out to resorts, Nandi Hills or catch a movie. But they love their food and enjoy dining together at the various restaurants that have been popping up in the City. 

Pranjal says he has seen a change in the City over the years. “For example, nearly a decade ago, my friends and I were lost at night and the cops dropped us at our hostel. But recently, my friend wanted to register a complaint and he ended up going to the police station everyday for the whole week. So somewhere, there is negligence towards people’s issues and concerns in the City.”

   Deepti adds, “People in Assam like to dress up and love to stay in fashion and they are always ready to help. But here, people are very career-oriented and religious. The presence of temples, churches and mosques within every 500 metres or 1 km is proof of it.”

   The two have always felt welcomed and love it here. “Bangalore has protected me. There is unity among the people and I feel really loved and protected as an Assamese,” says Pranjal. 

   “It’s a fact that Bangalore is much more developed than Assam, and everything is well organised so it makes life easy and convenient. Apart from that, the weather here is like an icing on the cake, making life more pleasant. And being a woman, I have found Bangalore to be a very safe place till date,” Deepti sums up. 

(Published 23 September 2014, 15:37 IST)

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