'Looks matter most in the story'

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Last Updated 24 September 2014, 14:51 IST

Twenty five odd years in the film industry doesn’t give one the right to rest on his or her laurels.

The same applies to Sandalwood star Shivarajkumar, who stretches every bit of the actor in him every time he goes under the arc lights.

Every new movie he works on is a learning experience for him, he says. He believes that it brings out a side of him that he has never known. And it’s true that the actor in him never ages. 

His latest project ‘Belli’ is proof of this belief. The actor dons four different shades in the movie and he says that every shade is unique and distinct in its own way. “The style of narration and the script of ‘Belli’ is the real hero. It’s not a mundane narration of events but the scriptwriter has taken the trouble to portray every scene in a special way. The climax is the surprise element. It’s a thought-provoking story which has action, romance and suspense in the right doses,” Shivarajkumar tells ‘Metrolife.’

The story doesn’t intend to convey a definite  message but what comes through and through is that one should value life itself. “The sheen of silver will stay as long as you maintain and value it. Life depends on how you chart its course. You have to decide how you want your life to be,” reasons Shivarajkumar. 

Shivarajkumar concedes that it hasn’t been easy to don the different roles in the film. “Every look has been neatly designed. In one scene, I appear in a bearded look and in another I am clean shaven. These are two contrasting roles. I also go bald in yet another scene. The baldness is shot in an aesthetic way. Every character has a definite purpose,” he shares.  

Shivarajkumar has been working on building his body for his previous project ‘Aryan’ and that effort has worked well in for him in ‘Belli’ as well. Shivarajkumar is pretty impressed that his hard work has paid off. “Looks matter most in the story. I have to don a different, more younger look,” he says.   

He holds high regards for his costar Kriti Kharbanda. “She’s a thorough professional and has handled her character in a very mature manner,” he signs off. 

(Published 24 September 2014, 14:51 IST)

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