Shaolin Kung fu enthrals the city


Having watched Jackie Chan movies, one is aware of the Drunk-style Kung fu that the Hollywood-star practices in his films. But to witness some of these styles in person, left Delhiites astounded! 

At Siri Fort Auditorium, hordes of Kung fu fans gathered to witness the recently organised ‘Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Show 2014’. Orgnaised by the India China Economic and Cultural Council and the Embassy of China in India, the programme commemorated the 65th Anniversary of the National Day of the People’s Republic of China.  

The extravagant show included performances by the Shaolin Kung Fu Performance Troupe. The troupe belongs to the Emperor of Tang Dynasty from 621 BC and is one of the oldest troupes from China’s Shaolin Temple. Known for their historic background and art training, the troupe members showcased their breathtaking and astonishing skills during an evening which left the city audience completely mesmerised and enthralled . They even entertained the audience with their surprise tricks. 

Performing for the first time in India, the troupe displayed an array of excellent skills such as the Zen Kung fu, Eight-piece Brocade, Long-style Boxing, Kung fu by Two Fingers and Imitative-style boxing among many others. The wonderful acts by the disciples of Shaolin Temple were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all in the audience. 

Especially the second act - Eight-piece Brocade, which is one of the best body exercises since ancient times. It combines the Chinese medical treatment of Yin Yang five elements and meridian theory. Even the ‘Kung fu by Two Fingers’ act was much appreciated by the Delhiites. It is a lesser known Kung fu skill in which the strength of the whole body is absorbed by the two fingers. One could feel that the professionals who performed this art must be having fingers as hard as steel. These fingers act like a magic weapon used against the enemy and that is also the reason why this style is also referred to as ‘The mysterious skill of Shaolin Kung fu’.

After presenting 14 different acts, the final performance showcased how ‘Group Fighting’ at the Shaolin Temple Gate takes place. It is a custom of the Shaolin Temple that when an apprentice finishes the course and bids farewell to his master, he has to fight aga-inst the 18 golden people gro-up and get a way out. It’s called ‘fight through the temple gate’.

 Only those apprentices, who achieve success by beating the 18 golden persons, walk out of the gate. The same spirit was presented to the audience as part of Shaolin Kung fu.Though the event was organised to strengthen the bilateral relations between India and China, it was a treat for the Kung fu lovers in the city who got a chance to see the action live on stage!

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