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For most people, the office is their second home – all thanks to the long working hours. So, if it is your second home, why not decorate it according to personal styles because a little decor can go a long way in lightening up the mood in the office and even of the employees.

We have all heard about Google’s offices – indoor go-kart tracks, multicolour bicycles, and indoor slides. But why is the company investing so much in its interior and creating a fun and fresh working environment? It is because a well-designed workplace leads to happy employees which, n turn, leads to greater productivity. 

While one may not be able to create another Google office, a few small tweaks to the existing space can improve morale and boost productivity. Like Anju Kumar, a pottery artist who is working with architects for many years now and designing workplaces for companies, said, “The look should be simple and minimal. One should not over-do their workplace. It should radiate positivity and help in production. One should also not accessorise their workplace much. In terms of decorations, one can use artworks which are related to their nature of work.”

“The furniture should be in straight line and not fancy. One can play with colours in terms of the upholstery and use colours like green as it reflects the colours of money. One can also go for browns and reds as well. And in the end all decorations depend on person to person and their taste and characteristics,” added Kumar.

When it comes to office decor, small changes can have big results. From repainting the office to hanging a family photo, little touches here and there can go a long way to make your workstation an enjoyable, cosy place.

According to Husna Rahaman, an architect and interior designer, “Light is the most important factor at a workplace. People think that white lights are the best, but actually the yellow warm light, which is more closer to the sun, suits best at the workplace. One can also put aroma oils, flowers or fragrance to give that feel-good factor.”

“Our work is emotionally related and so we should use meaningful things that can uplift our souls. One can put pictures of their loved ones and also highlight one wall with their favourite colour,” said Rahaman.

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