Gripping act Yashas in Shishira.

Shishira is the last season of the year, signifying an end and indicating a fresh beginning. Manju Swaraj seems inspired enough to bring in the age-old debate between belief and non-belief in ‘Shishira’.

Indeed, his desire to think out of the box and taking risks is evident in his casting, for one. Getting actors speak dialogues that are not native to their culture is one such risk. That they pull it off convincingly is proof enough that the director has done his homework.
But, sacrificing structure and grammar of the language negates all the impact his characters could have created.

Still, ‘Shishira’ offers lot of room to actors and Yashas (seen after Yuga Yugagale Sagali) and the gentle giant Santhosh make ample use of it. Emaciated-looking Prema sleep-walks through her role, as was perhaps required of her.

Meghana and the others are a useful prop, and initial shoddy editing coupled with getting experts to render their opinion on the existence of God and the Devil hints at a documentary fare. The latter are a case of overkill.

Touted as a horror-suspense thriller, ‘Shishira’ (drawing inspiration from John-Cusack starrer ‘1408’) is gripping in parts. There are gaps between incredulity and comprehension and the film tugs at the heart, but only just.

Ajanish Lokanath’s tunes have a part in this. Perhaps, this was what the director had intended. ‘Shishira’ is a slick film technically and story-wise as well. It doesn’t scare people.
Experience and patience will definitely help Manju.