Heated night arguments with spouse can lead to intense sex

Heated night arguments with spouse can lead to intense sex

Do you know where does a heated argument with your spouse lead to? Straight to bed, if the argument began in the evening hours.

According to a fascinating study, a massive argument with your partner is a sure shot way to end between the sheets at 10 p.m. in the night.

"It is great that couples have their most passionate sex at 10 p.m. with someone they love, but the challenge for couples is to do it more often at this optimum time," Richard Longhurst, co-owner of British online sex toy shop Lovehoney that conducted the study, said.

For 55 percent of couples, the bedroom is the most preferred place for passionate sex, followed by a hotel room, sofa and bath.

Exchanging sexy e-mails or sharing dirty talk on smartphones are the most popular turn ons.

While nearly two-thirds of the people said that sex was best after 6 p.m., one-fifth preferred it in the morning while 16 percent liked it in the afternoon.

"Sixty-two percent enjoy sex most when it is quick while for 41 percent of couples, sex is often improved by a row beforehand with women liking make-up sex more than men," said a report quoting the study authors that appeared in the Daily Star.

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