Gritty woman raising children of husband's killer

Gritty woman raising children of husband's killer

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But a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Jaunpur district, about 200 km from here, has proved that it is possible.

Mansha Devi, a resident of Pittupur village in Jaunpur district, has been bringing up the children of her husband Indra Deo’s killer, who happened to be his elder brother.

Indra Deo was killed by his elder brother Bindu in 2005 in a dispute over division of ancestral land property at the village. Bindu was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment by a district court. Bindu, who was released on parole in September this year to attend the “shraddh” (a ritual on the 13th day after death) of his mother, escaped from the police custody. He has been absconding since then.

On November 28 Bindu’s wife also died of illness and his five children were rendered homeless without any one to take care of them.

At a time when none of the relatives was ready to help the orphaned children, the widow Mansha Devi came forward and offered to give shelter and food to Bindu’s children.

Mansha Devi, who herself has four children, showers equal love on all of them.
“After all they (Bindu’s children) have no one else to go to,” she said. She believes that the children can not be held guilty for what their father has done.

It is not that Mansha Devi is rich. With a small land holding, she is barely able to make ends meet. “I do petty works and the earn some money from the rentals of the land,” she said.

Even the villagers admit that no woman will show love and mercy on the children of her husband’s killer.