Revolt in BJP over Cabinet berth to Renukacharya

Revolt in BJP over Cabinet berth to Renukacharya

Jigajinagi, Chikkangoudar, Apacchu Ranjan are sore over induction

Revolt in BJP over Cabinet berth to Renukacharya

Many BJP MLAs from the region were not happy as only Shettar was inducted into the Cabinet, leaving out his ardent followers. And now, they are furious over Renukacharya being inducted into the Cabinet. The long-time party MLAs and MPs from the region feel that they have completely been sidelined “for being loyal to the party, and to Yeddyurappa.”

Gradually, the suppressed anger is rising to the surface, with Chikkodi BJP MP Ramesh Jigajinagi and Kundgol BJP MLA S I Chikkangoudar coming out hard against the CM on Friday.

Jigajinagi charged in Bijapur on Friday that the BJP was doing lot of injustice to the dalits in the State. "And if this continuous, there is all the possibility of a revolt by the dalit BJP MLAs in the State," he warned. He warned that Yeddyurappa should not test the patience of the dalits, but if he did, then he should be prepared to face “terrible” consequences.

He said dalits had suffered much injustice during the constitution of the State-level BJP co-ordination committee as no dalit leader had been accommodated in it. "Dalits are needed during elections, but not during distribution of power," he remarked caustically.

Jigajinagi said, the 31 MLAs, MLCs, and MPs belonging to the Dalit communities in the State were in constant touch with him with regard to the issue. "But, this does not mean that I am working against the government. Being an elder, I have brought this to the notice of BJP national leadership, Yeddyurappa, and to Ananthkumar, but nothing has been done," he added.

Referring to Renukacharya, he said that those who had openly criticised Yeddyurappa and the partly leadership had been made ministers, but not the loyal workers. "Yeddyurappa should have thought twice before including such persons into the Cabinet," he added.

Meanwhile, Kundagol MLA Chikkangoudar said on Friday alleged that he had stopped Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa from leaving the BJP to join the Congress.

"He is now the Chief Minister, but I being a three-time MLA is just a MLA with no other official positions given to me," he said, addressing the media.

Expressed his deep dissatisfaction with Chief Minister for ignoring loyal and senior members of the party while expanding his Cabinet, Chikkangoudar said Yeddyurappa had “sidelined” him.

He warned that if he was not made a minister, or given the chairmanship of a board or corporation by December 31,  he and all the Panchayat Raj institution BJP members from Kundgol taluk would tender in their resignations.

He pointed out that new MLAs or those who were just two-time MLAs had been made ministers, or given good positions. "I had tolerated this till now, but now I cannot," he added.

Meanwhile, supporters of Chikkangoudar staged a protest in front of the house of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Minister Jagadish Shettar in Hubli. They demanded that a ministerial berth or some good position be given to Chikkangoudar.

Appacchu upset

Madikeri MLA M P Appacchu Ranjan has expressed disappointment over Chief Minister neglecting senior MLAs while expanding his Cabinet, DHNS reports from Madikeri.

“A decision will be taken on the next political move after a meeting of the disappointed senior MLAs in Bangalore on December 29,” he told reporters here on Friday. He said if the MLAs preferred, he is ready to take the leadership of the disappointed MLAs.

“Senior MLAs like A Ramadas, Shankaralinge Gowda, N Yogish Bhat, S Angara, Narayanaswamy, Charantimath and Abhay Patil should be inducted into the ministry. Even I have become MLA thrice. I am naturally disappointed that I have not got an opportunity to serve in the Cabinet,” Appacchuranjan said.