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Last Updated 30 November 2012, 19:14 IST

After giving good performances in movies like ‘Police Quarters’ and Nam Areali Ondina, Anish Tejeshwar is all set to be a part of yet another bilingual called ‘Coffee With My Wife’. Being made in Kannada and Telugu, the movie will see Anish in the role of a newly-married man. “The film is based on an interesting subject that revolves around the issues that a newly-married couple face in the first six months of their union,” says Anish.

Directed by his friend Sagar, the film, he says, is very close to his heart. “The movie has literally grown in front of my eyes. I was there with Sagar when he first thought of this project and even sat for all the discussions and characterisations. So, in the due process, I became one with the character as well,” he adds.

But it wasn’t all that easy for Anish. He explains that getting into the mind of a married man was very difficult. It took him nearly six months to prepare for the role. “At first, I had no clue about being married. But my director helped me a lot. He told me how the mindset of a newly-married man is.

I realised then that a lot lies in the smallest of things — the expression on your face when your wife brings you coffee for the first time or how you would react when she cooks something bad and you don’t want to hurt her feelings. It was a good learning experience,” he adds.

Anish has always been very inclined towards the technical details of film-making. But, he says that he has no plans of getting behind the camera in the future. “Acting has always been my passion and it will always remain that way. My involvement with the technical side of film-making is only because for me, movies are not just about ‘action-cut’. I want to know every little thing about how a film is made,” he adds.

Soon, the actor will be seen in a musical called Neene Bari Neene. “I play a college-going boy in this film. It’s full of energy and will see music composed by Mano Murthy,” he states.For someone who has always picked films that are a little different, Anish says that he has followed his heart when it comes to choosing projects. “There are many opportunities in this film industry to try something different. I have always been someone who goes by what I like and what will satisfy my creative spirit. And so far, whatever I have done has been like that,” he sums up.

(Published 30 November 2012, 13:23 IST)

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