This Id, go online to buy a goat

This Id, go online to buy a goat

This Id, go online to buy a goat

Gone are the days when people would spend endless hours in local markets searching for the brown-haired desi goat to sacrifice on Id-ul-Zuha.

Goats eligible for Qurbani as per Shariat laws are now available through online mediums like OLX and Quikr in Jaipur and other cities of Rajasthan.

The online buying and selling of goats has become immensely popular among those making such transactions in most big cities of Rajasthan, especially for Id-ul-Zuha. Like any other product, sellers are not only posting pictures of their goats but also mentioning minute details like colour, weight, or whether or not it has the inscription of ‘Allah’ and ‘Rasool’ on its stomach.

“My 21-year-old son suggested that I use OLX for selling goats on this Id. I have listed a 60 kg male goat at Rs 70,000 and received over 50 calls from buyers in the last two days,” said Mohammad Aslam, a 50-year-old goat vendor. “We are yet to strike the deal. I find online transactions more hassle-free and profitable,” he added.

For people like Ajit Singh Dhillon, the proprietor of Sardar Farms in Jaipur district, websites like OLX and Quikr have brought a boom to the business. Dhillon claims to have sold over 50 per cent of his male goats through such websites.

  “This is the first time we sold the goats online. The response on OLX and Quikr was excellent which is evident from the fact that out of 200 goats, more than 100 were sold online,” said Ajit Singh Dhillon. He has also launched a dedicated website to sell goats for Id in Jaipur.

Deals on OLX are flooded with photographs of male goats, many with unusual  taglines like ‘Alla Ka Karishma, ek bakre ke sharir par Mohammad ka naam’ (A goat with the inscription of ‘Mohammad’ on the body). Such goats are tagged with a price of over Rs 1 lakh, more expensive than a normal gold jewellery item.

“Today I sold my goat for Rs 1.3 lakh on OLX. It had the name of Mohammad Sahib written on its stomach. It was a hassle-free transaction and it saved a lot of time consumed in going to the Bakra Mandia and negotiating with the buyers,” claimed Ismail Khan, a vendor.